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ISSN 1791-5643
Volume 1-Issue 1( Jan-June 2008) 
Christodoulou I. Opportunity Cost in Health Professions. IJHS Greek Pages 2008;1(1):2-3.[ Article in Greek].- Abstract Not Available    ( Editorial).  
Christodoulou I. PTSD Syndrome in health professions:Truth or Myth?. IJHS Greek Pages 2008;1(1):4-6.[ Article in Greek].-- Abstract Not Available ( Editorial).
Christodoulou I. Homo Computericus and Envirotype. IJHS Greek Pages 2008;1(1):7-8.[ Article in Greek]-Abstract Not Available ( Editorial)..
Charalambous P, Klisiaris C. Respecting patient autonomy: The question of truth in clinical practice. IJHS Greek Pages 2008;1(1):9-11.[ Article in Greek] Download the abstract in English. Respecting autonomy-Abstract
Nikitidis I. Functional foods and metabolic syndrome. IJHS Greek Pages 2008;1(1):12-15.[ Article in Greek]. Download the abstract in English.Functional foods and metabolic syndrome- Abstract

Christodoulou I. Brain in obesity.New research data and theories. IJHS Greek Pages 2008;1(1):16-22.[ Article in Greek].Download the abstract in English Brain in obesity

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